• Rice mill combined with disc mill crusher can remove paddy husk, whitening rice, crush rice bran at one time.
  • With alloy-steel roller that the rice has low breakage after processed.
  • Easy to change spare parts when needed.
  • Suitable for residential usage, NGOs, Self-Help Groups, and small scale business, can benefit small scale farmers.
  • It is easy to operate with less power consumption and high productivity
  • With iron roller that the rice has low breakage


General Parameters

Packaged Size1180 * 385  * 1110
Overall Dimension620 * 592 * 320
Rated Voltage220V
Rated Power2.2kW
Standard Motor Speed (r/m)2800
StructureSeoarrated type 1600 r/m
Crushing MachineHammer type 4800 r/m