Shikhar Flowstar Pump

With modern technology, innovative solutions, and reliable resources Shikhar Company has always introduced an assorted range of water pumps. This highly efficient pump has a low weight to power ratio and is easy to maintain. Ideal for both commercial and residential purposes, Shikhar Flow Star has a durable exterior with a high productive capacity of pumping water. 

With CRNO stamping, the high suction power and very high discharge in its operating range, this is the best product in the market. Shikhar has a 1.0 HP high-performance pump that can produce highly pressurized water for multiple uses. With a compact motor design and stainless steel pump shaft, Shikhar Flow Star is an energy-efficient pump. The motors have been designed for maximum pump input power thus preventing the overloading. The discharge power of 3,000 L.P.H is a real plus. 

These pumps have created a popular niche for itself by making minimum use of energy, portraying balance, and low operational cost. Shikhar Flow Star performs best for the building services, industry, aquaculture, petrochemical plant, gardening, and many other similar demanding applications