Shikhar Gold Pump

Shikhar Gold has always set the benchmark of quality and performance. This highly efficient pump is the standard-bearer for quality. Shikhar Gold has an optimal life and discharge characteristic. The wear-resistant design provided by silicon carbide bearings and metal casing wear rings keeps the pump working well after years. 

Shikhar Gold gives high discharge in operating range and boosts the efficiency of your workplace. Combined with a high-efficiency motor of 1.5 horsepower, any operation gets easier. The variable speed control ensures the maximum electric efficiency and thus reduces the energy costs considerably. The motors also have insulation to prevent from being burned and works well even at high temperatures.

With high power and efficiency, Shikhar Gold is best made for irrigation of agriculture field- mainly drip and sprinkle irrigation. It also serves well for multi-story buildings, big industries, and water plants. With controlled voltage fluctuations, high operating efficiency, and optimal design, these Shikhar Gold pumps ensure a high-quality experience.