Shikhar Superstar Pump

Shikhar Superstar residential pump sets are the products that have gained expertise over the time of decades. The pump is powered by a totally enclosed AC induction motor, fan-cooled, and shows a complete absence of suction trouble. Such features ensure long-hour duty without heating. The use of a well-balanced rotor ensures noise and vibration-free operations. 

A 0.5 HP high performance and low energy consumption pump is ideal for your home water requirements. The shaft made from the best quality steel, precision to the ample size helps to transmit the rated horsepower. The varnish impregnated windings of enameled copper wire have excellent resistance power. The maintenance-free, water-lubricated, motor with self-aligning tilting pads ensures continuous operation. With the suction of 9.15Mtr, this pump is a real deal.

 Shikhar Superstar has the components made of very high-grade stainless steel to prevent wearing and tearing down of the pump for years. The light-weight and high performance of Shikhar Superstar makes it an ideal domestic pump. It can be used for domestic water supply, industry, multi-story building, and gardening.